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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 14:36

Welcome! This is the Cadet portion of the Mankato Composite Squadron. Here, Cadets can find resources that will serve as a benefit to their CAP career. The information listed below has been selected as helpful tools for Cadets.

*Note that all forms must be completed no later then Wednesday at 9:00 PM in order to have the requests that Thursday

Need a uniform item? Such as an insignia, ribbon, or cover? The Mankato Composite Squadron has updated its way in requesting Uniform items. If you need to request uniform items, follow the link and fill out the items needed.

 Uniform Item Request

We recognize achievement here, and a Cadet must take inititave in order to progress in CAP. However, the Mankato Composite Squadron is always willing to support the Cadet. The following is a testing request form for Cadets.

 Testing Request

 After cadets complete all requirements for their achievement, they are able to request a review board for their Acheivement. Cadets are required to have a review board for all grades except C/SrAmn, C/TSgt, C/SMSgt, and Officer Dead Ranks.

 Review Board Request

Running late for a meeting or will not be able to make it next week? Fill out the following form to let your chain of command know.


Attendence Form

Taking a PT Test? Have your administrator record your scores online here. Note that only a CAP Member of Higher Grade can Administer CPFT Tests to Cadets and CPFT Tests cannot be repeated in succession of one another.

CPFT Scores Form


Here are useful links for Cadets:


Minnesota Wing Website

CAP Knowledgebase-A Search Engine Dedicated to Civil Air Patrol

CAP Members Website-A Website that has all resources for CAP Members

Learn to Lead Textbooks -Has Volumes 1-4 available for Download

Here are the Second Edition Aerospace Modules 1-6

Module 1-Introduction To Flight

Module 2-Aircraft Systems and Airports

Module 3-Air Enviroment

Module 4-Rockets

Module 5-Space Enviroment

Module 6-Spacecraft

Cadet Ribbon Rack Builder-Need to know which order your ribbons go in? Here is an interactive link that will build your ribbon rack for you.

Cadet Super Chart-A poster that tracks Cadet Progress

Stripes to Diamonds-A step by step process tailored for specific Cadet Achievement


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