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Sunday, 04 December 2011 00:00

From KEYC TV Mankato: (By Molly Miles)

Saturday the Mankato Civil Air Patrol, a group of professionally trained civilian volunteers that often help with search and rescue and disaster relief, had training for some of its youngest members.

We were there as young cadets experienced the joy of flight for the first time.

Many of the cadets don't even have their driver's licenses yet, but today they got to fly. It was part of the cadet orientation flight day.

Mankato Composite Squadron Commander Maj. JoEllen Peters, "What we are doing today is making a day of giving as many cadets as many glider rides and power rides as possible."

The instructor is in charge of takeoff, but once in the air, the controls are in the hands of the cadets, some of them as young as 12 years old."

Cadets get to try their hand at both powered airplanes and gliders.

15-year-old Daniel May says, "You get towed up then when you get a ways up there, you just drop of the cable and you are on your own, it feels pretty free."

Hunter Brindley says, "It's your airplane, its pretty cool."

The cadet program was started during World War II as a way to provide training for future pilots, but flying isn't the only thing the cadets learn with the Civil Air Patrol.

May says, "There is a lot of other programs in it like emergency services and stuff like that, and I like to do that."

They also have aerospace education, leadership training, and physical fitness.

Peters says, "What the cadets get out of it over all is character development and leadership skills, they really grow."

15-year-old Hunter Brindley says while he doesn't know if he will take up flying as a career, he has learned valuable skills as a cadet.

Brindley says, "What I get out of this will without a doubt help me out throughout my future, so when I decide, this will definitely prepare me for it."

For Brindley and the rest of the cadets, the sky is the limit.

To learn more about the Mankato Civil Air Patrol or how to get involved go to the Mankato Composite Squadron website.


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