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Thursday, 28 October 2010 05:52

It was with great pleasure to have awarded Lt Col John Barsness of the Mankato Squadron with the Meritorious Service Award at the Mankato Squadron on 15 July 2010. Capt Jo Ellen Peters, the Mankato Squadron Commander, requested the award through channels via CAPF 120, which stated:
LTC John E. Barsness has been an outstanding member of Minnesota Wing since 1996. He was Group 4 Commander from Sept. 2006 to Sept. 2009 as well as the Mankato Squadron Commander for six years from 1999 to 2005.
LTC Barsness' level of involvement in the functions of the Wing as well as Group 4 and Mankato Squadron has been far and above his assigned duties.  He has been instrumental in the Region Archer program as a pilot and instructor in the Gippsland. He has provided mission support in the Gippsland to Minnesota Wing since December 2006.  He has also been an instructor for the MN Wing Flight Academy for four years and is well known throughout the wing for providing CAPF 5 and CAPF 91 flight checks to not only our local squadron pilots, but to anyone in the Wing who requests a Form 5 or 91.  He has also been a pilot in the Wing counterdrug program for over four years.
LTC Barsness eagerly provides Cadet Orientation flights.  He is the primary provider of cadet orientation rides for both Mankato and Owatonna Squadrons.  He has given over 550 "O" flights and is eagerly looking forward to completing 600. He has been a Check Pilot and Mission Check Pilot for over five years and a Stan/Eval Pilot for over three years.  He has recently been assigned to serve as the Group 4 Stan/Eval leader.
LTC Barsness received his Aerospace Technician in March 2004, Emergency Services Senior in May 2003, Flight Operations Master in October 2007, Operations Senior October 2006 and Standards and Evaluations Senior in April 2007.  He also makes himself available for other duties as well, such as transporting aircraft to and from Wing Headquarters for maintenance.
LTC Barsness has always been a role model and inspiration for CAP members in Minnesota Wing. He has always performed above and beyond. With the above list of activities that he is currently juggling, he still steps up to perform additional duties when requested of him, all with a great deal of enthusiasm.  He is well versed in CAP regulations and has been instrumental in the growth of MN Wing, Group 4, and Mankato Squadron by welcoming new recruits and guiding them through the maze of training, achievements, and specialty tracks.

Col Thomas Theis
Commander, Minnesota Wing

LtC Barsness


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