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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 19:43

On Saturday morning, 17 March 2011, ten cadets took part in some training for their Curry award.  Additionally, 5 cadets that already had

their Curry helped out.  In addition to cadet training, the cadets also learned about emergency services and took their GES 116. 

training 015

While the cadets were training, an aircrew departed Mankato to work with an ELT search with Owatonna.  They managed to find the ELT, but were unable to communicate via the radio.  Later in the day, the radio was set correctly, but we couldn't fly another mission.

training 005



In the afternoon, 11 Cadets and 6 senior members did a ground search to find an ELT in Mankato.  During the two stops to take readings on the signal, Capt Csizmadia instructed the cadets and seniors on the DF equipment.  Many cadets and seniors had a chance to practice.  After determining that the missing pilot was in ravine, the group figured out a way to get into the ravine and search for the pilot.  The team located the pilot and simulated calling in for emergency help since they determined it wasn't safe to try and get the pilot out. If the pilot would have been in danger, the team had devised a way to get him out.

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