Mankato Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol

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Emergency Services

SAR BannerWhether it is in the air, in the city, or in the wilderness, the expert aircrews and ground teams of Mankato Composite Squadron's are comprised of skilled Search and Rescue professionals ready to help save lives. CAP is tasked by the United States Air Force to execute 95% of all inland Search and Rescue missions in the county. Mankato Composite Squadron is experienced with mission persons, missing aircraft, disaster relief, aerial imaging, and communications.


Aerospace Education

CAP glider being pushed back by cadets.Mankato Composite Squadron supports aerospace education through internal training programs, providing materials and training to local educators, and even sending its own volunteers into the classroom. By using fun activities like model rocket launches, CAP members help educate the public about the science involved in aerospace endeavors.

Cadet Programs

Cadets next to C-182

Cadets in Mankato Composite Squadron enjoy authentic leadership opportunities, formal training on management, and powerful mentorship. Cadets participate in exciting activities locally and throughout the state and country, such as the Minnesota Flight Academy, Hawk Mountain Search & Rescue School, AF Space Command Familiarization Course, and Cadet Officer School. Mankato cadets are trained to be the cornerstone of our ground search and rescue capability.



As a composite squadron, Mankato has both adult and youth members:


> Adults - 33
> Youth - 21
> Total - 54


CAP Search & Rescue Aircraft

Cessna C-172 Skyhawk
CAP C-172 In FlightMankato Composite Squadron typically has a Cessna C-172 Skyhawk stationed at Mankato Regional Airport. The C-172s flown by CAP are light 4 seat aircraft equipped with 180 horsepower engines. This aircraft is used primarily for Search and Rescue, Cadet Orientation Flights, and pilot proficiency training.

CAP Aircraft Tied Down at Mankato

Several Cessna C-172's on the ground at the Minnesota Flight Academy hosted at Mankato Regional Airport.


Gippsland GA-8 Airvan
Maj John Barsness lands the GA-8 at Oshkosh with his wife, 1st Lt Jeanette Barsness in the right seat. Mankato is also the occasional host of a Gippsland GA-8 Airvan. The GA-8 is a large single-engine aircraft used by CAP to field the advanced technology ARCHER System. There are only 16 of these specially equipped aircraft across the country. Mankato Composite Squadron is the only squadron in a five-state region to host a complete and operational ARCHER crew.

CAP GA-8 Aircraft

The GA-8 assigned to Minnesota Wing on the ground with a St. Paul Squadron member.



A CAP corporate van.

A 15 passenger extended van provides transportation and a communications platform to the squadron. In FY07, the squadron put 8,000 miles on its van in support of its Emergency Services, Cadet Programs, and Aerospace Education missions.

Meeting Spaces

The squadron enjoys broad community support with meeting space at  Mankato Regional Airport, and MSgt Van's Northern Commander Post.


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