Mankato Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol

Mankato Composite Squadron
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Six cadets are attending the 2012 Encampment.  Cadets Brindley and Johnson are on the staff.  8 cadets from Mankato attending is outstanding.  Good luck to all.

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Mankato Cadets Meet a Triple Ace

Five Cadets from Mankato helped out at the 2012 Ray Fagen Memorial Airshow at Granite Falls. The Ray A. Fagen Memorial Airshow is dedicated to promoting patriotism by honoring the men and women of the military. Its mission of "brightening the future by illuminating the past" focuses on World War II veterans.

After the airshow, the cadets had the opportunity to see the P-51’s and P-38 up close, visit the new WWII control tower, the new museum hangar, and ride in a WWII deuce and a half. The highlight was meeting Colonel Clarence ‘Bud’ Anderson. Col Anderson was a “triple ace” during WWII and a test pilot after the war. He encouraged the cadets to go on as many aviation field trips as they could. He went on to explain that museums are a great way to find out about aviation history and mentioned that “you know you are old when two of your actual aircraft, you flew, are in the museum.”


Mankato Cadets

Cadets Complete EPS PDF Print E-mail

Six cadets from Mankato Composite Squadron complete the Encampment Preparatory School (EPS) at Camp Ripley on April 15, 2012.

The purpose of the EPS is to give cadets who will attend the summer encampment as a basic cadet an idea of what to expect by immersing them in a similar environment, but for a shorter duration. EPS students will also receive classroom and practical instruction on skills essential for success at encampment.

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